Windows & Doors

Photo of manufactured windows. Wisconsin Plastic Products creates solutions for the window and door industry.

Wisconsin Plastic Products supplies engineered profiles to the window and door marketplace .

Cellular PVC Jamb Components

  • Manufactured with Celuka foam technology
  • Cellular PVC products offer excellent machining properties
  • Screw retention exceeding the strength of pine lumber
Cellular PVC Pieces for window and door solutions

Rigid Core Co-Extruded Weatherstrip Extrusions

  • Supplied cut to finished length saving OEMs time and money
  • Low durometer flexible sealing bulbs co-extruded in multiple positions per profile

Capstocked Glass Filled Exterior Components

  • Capstock formulations offer exceptional resilience and colorfast properties
  • Best in the industry capstock surface finish
  • Embedded glass fibers within the profiles substrate achieves high modulus and low coefficient of expansion and contraction
Exterior component solutions provided by Wisconsin Plastic Products
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