We supply custom plastic extrusions ranging from simple shapes to highly engineered, multi-material profiles.

We take pride in providing you with on-time delivery and uncompromising product quality. Your project is efficiently managed from concept to production with the use of our specialized manufacturing technologies, engineering support, and extensive in-house tooling capabilities.

  • Vacuum Calibration
  • Co & Tri-Extrusion Profiles
  • No Charge Tooling Maintenace
  • Award Winning Quality
  • Post Extrusion Fabrication
  • In-House Tooling Manufacture
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Vacuum Calibration

The Key to Dimensional and Shape Control

Tired of rejecting parts from your plastic extruder? Our vacuum calibrated tooling systems will offer the consistency you need part-to-part and run-to run.

Image of Wisconsin Plastic's vacuum calibration technology

Specialized Surface Finishes


Spattercoat is an in-line process that prevents fingerprints, enhances scratch resistance, and provides a rich texture to the extruded profile.

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is an in-line process that applies a thin laminate to the extrusion. Popular laminate choices include brushed metallics, chrome, and woodgrains.

Embossing Technology

Embossing technology uses a high pressure texture roller to transfer deep textures to the product.


Our STC (Smooth-Tough-Clear) finish offers outstanding protection against scratches in high contact applications. STC is available in matte, medium, and high gloss.

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Case Studies

Co-Extruded TPU Living Hinge Solution

Wisconsin Plastic Products helps point of purchase customer design and develop an innovative living hinge design offering a 5x longer product life compared to competing products in the industry.

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Celuka Solution

Wisconsin Plastic Products uses it’s Celuka foaming process to save a brilliant window treatment concept that was deamed non feasible by several competing extruders.

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