Photo of telecommunication towers. Wisconsin Plastic Products creates solutions for the telecommunication industry.

Wisconsin Plastic Products extrudes a wide variety of profiles including fiber optic raceways extrusions ranging from micro size to massive 30" wide profiles 

Fiber Optic Raceways

  • Extruded with Non-halogenated low smoke PC-ABS and PVC formulations
  • Extrusions comply with the tightest European regulatory requirements
  • Kitting and assembly of components available
  • All raceway profiles are vacuum calibrated to assure the tightest dimensional and shape control
  • Custom Fabrications executed per request
An employee measures a piece of raceway

Exterior Enclosures

  • Enclosures produced with high-quality waterproof polymers
  • Co-extruded living hinges provide easy access to internal systems
An employee runs wires
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