Office Furniture

Photo of office cubicles. Wisconsin Plastic Products creates solutions for the office furniture industry.

Wisconsin Plastic Products has decades of extrusion experience within the Office Furniture industry!

Wall Panel Top Caps, End-of-Run, and Panel Connector Profiles

  • Produced in dozens of colors and precisely color-matched to injection molded caps
  • Profiles manufactured with both Spattercoat and embossing technology
A variety of plastic products for office furniture

Window Glazing and Trim Components

  • Supplied cut to finished length saving OEMs time and money
  • Low durometer co-extruded flexible sealing barbs ensure snug glass fits and prevent glass vibration in glazing components
  • Manufactured with UV resistant color and polymers
An office space with custom-built workspaces

Wire Raceway, Overhead Doors, and Soft Touch Handles

  • Co-extruded living hinge technology allows for easy open and close wire raceways
  • Wire raceways are extruded with UL94 approved polymers
  • Overhead doors extruded in multiple hollow designs and over thirteen inches wide
  • Spattercoat and High Gloss finishes available
  • Co-extruded low durometer flexible coatings create a rich feel to extruded rigid core handles
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