Commercial Refrigeration

Photo of a freezer aisle. Wisconsin Plastic Products creates solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry.

Wisconsin Plastic Products provides energy-saving options to help commercial refrigeration OEMs cope with tightening regulatory demand.

Mullion and Door Framing Profiles

  • Low-density EPS contoured foam added to profile centers to achieve greater R values
  • Hollow frame designs allow for better insulation and higher modulus
  • Hot stamp finishes can be applied to create great aesthetic appeal—Chrome and brushed metallic available
A variety of plastic products for refrigeration

Bumpers and Trim Components

  • Customers take advantage of WPP spattercoat technology to bring a unique textured look to extrusion helping to trim the outside of frozen food and open case designs
  • “Soft Touch” low durometer flexibility is often co-extruded to trim components to create both crisp reveals and rattle free operation
A customer shops at a grocery store

Cellular PVC Refrigeration Extrusions

  • Cellular core structure creates an outstanding insulating barrier
  • Cellular structure prevents condensation common with aluminum or stainless steel
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